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Our Values

Our Values…

  1. Welcoming. We are a welcoming, loving family where all people belong. We are genuine, we are real, and we understand life can be messy. We will meet you wherever you are. We potluck regularly and we encourage members to invite each other over for meals in each other’s homes.
  1. Nurturing Young People. Our church involves kids and young people, not just adults. We mentor kids and young people and want them to know University City SDA Church as “their church.” We value and embrace Seventh-day Adventist educational ministries.
  1. Growing Spiritually. We want people to come to know God and the Bible more deeply. God’s love and acceptance through Jesus Christ lead to transformation and ongoing growth in the believer’s life.
  1. Worshiping. Our worship services focus on God. We have a carefully planned contemporary worship service each Sabbath morning that aims to minimize distractions and focus people on God and His will.
  1. Giving Back. We believe God wants everyone to experience the blessing of sharing the time, talent, and treasure He has given. Spiritual gifts are given to each Christian to be used in God’s service.
  1. Planting Churches. We train missionaries to plant other vibrant Adventist churches in the Charlotte area.